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Remodeling & Roof Alterations

The LaCombe family loved living at 1037 Allouez Rd. in Shiras Hills but knew that they needed a bigger home. Mark first visited Skandia Truss in 2002 to inquire about the possibility of expanding their home.

Mark was concerned that his existing roof would "sag under snow load" and required routine shoveling & maintenance. The heat loss from poor ventilation and insufficient insulation was causing ice problems as the snow melted which led to leaking.

In November of 2003, the LaCombes removed their existing roof and replaced it with custom "Attic trusses" we designed. They also expanded their home's front elevation as illustrated by the photos above. When Mark stopped by Skandia Truss in January 2006, he said "I want you to know that we're very happy with our project. We wouldn't change a thing!"

Skandia Truss designed 14" Energy Heels into the LaCombe's custom trusses. Not only does the alteration add space to the LaCombe home, the insulation & ventilation reduce maintenance and energy costs.

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