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Gary & Liisa Niemela - Owners
Skandia Truss was established in 1996 by Gary and Sirkku Liisa Niemela. Gary has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction from Michigan State University and has been exclusively employed in this field since his graduation in 1975. Since that time, Gary and Liisa have constructed numerous wood frame projects ranging from residential to large commercial buildings. A U.P. native with many years of building experience, Gary is familiar with how buildings react to local weather conditions. Reputation has always been quality oriented. Very solid credentials and company history.

Philosophy Skandia Truss manufactures high quality trusses with strong emphasis on practical snow load design to suit local conditions. Duration of loading, drift loading, rain on snow, lake effect snow and typical sheltered U.P. terrain, which all tend to expose roof structure to heavy snow loading, must be considered for a complete and thorough snow load analysis. A snow load analysis can be confusing if not difficult to comprehend. Enforcement and interpretaion of minimum truss requirments vary. Note that 1 cu. ft. of roof snow in a 70# Ground Snow area is estimated to weigh 23.1#. Using the ASCE7-02 snow density equation y=0.13 pg + 14, 3' of roof snow may weigh 69.3# per sq. ft. of roof area. It is not uncommon to have 3' of roof snow for a "duration of loading" of two months or more. It is not always practical to shovel roof snow, so it is wise to design and build roof structure which can withstand local elements and conditions.

Two of the most costly building problems in the Upper Peninsula building industry are #1 ice and water problems due to inadequately insulated and ventilated roof systems and #2 roof failure. Both of these extremely costly problems can be easily and affordably prevented. Use 18" energy heels which allow 16" of insulation or R-49 plus leave room for 2" of air flow over the top of the insulation. Use appropriate truss design loads.

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